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SHAKERS are Pat Stahl, Jon Stahl & Joe Marino. All veterans of the South Florida punk world with way too long a list of former bands and ex-members. Shakers started back in 1994 and have been making music and playing shows ever since. Call it "Pop Punk" if you will, but it ain't all songs about girls here. SHAKERS' aggressive blend of Punk, Hardcore & Rock n Roll is sure to get your blood moving.

“If you grew up during the '90s and are nostalgic for the new-school punk sound — before it became completely spineless — check the by-now-classic Margate punk band the Shakers.” ERICA K. LANDAU - New Times.

They have recorded and released a catalogue of 7 EPs & 3 full length recordings on their own D.I.Y. label Brown & Serve Records. Their newest LP “Not The Shakers” was released on Ajam Records. SHAKERS have also appeared on many comps over the years. They have opened for every band ever, toured in Europe, played Fest (Gainesville) a few times & currently play gigs all over the state.

We are looking forward to a busy 2024, including new music.

Upcoming Shows

Shakers at Dog and Bone

Shakers go to Cocoa for the first time! Free show!


Shakers T-Shirts

Thank You - $10 (S-2XL)

Black Mosquito - $10 (S-2XL)

White Mosquito - $10 (S-XL)

Mosquito Tank - $15 (S)

Long Sleeve Mosquito - $15 (S)

Shakers CDs

"Good Enough" CD (2008) - $5

It's Jon Shaker's favorite!

"Crabby Road" CD (2011) - $5

Featuring our version of "American Girl" by Tom Petty

"Don't Start Believin'" CD (2015) - $5

Shakers Vinyl

"Reserve Chump 7" (1997) - $5

Our first 7"! Featuring Jesse Edge! We still have a few left.

"Throw Away Your Radio 7" (2010) - $5

Shakers / Radiobaghdad split. Random color vinyl.

"Hypocrite 7" (2013) - $5

This record was recorded on 8 track tape machine. 100% Analog. No cheating on this one.

Shakers Digital Releases

"In the City" digital single.

Our cover of "In the City" by the Jam on the A side. "Margate Boys" on the B side.

You can get it here!

"Not the Shakers"(2018) released on AJAM Records.

The vinyl is sold out, but can still find it digitally!

You can get it here!

"Shakers 3.0"(2004) digital single.

Unreleased Shakers songs from 2000-2004!

You can get it here!

Band Info

The best way to reach is is on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We are always looking for shows (local or out of town) and can help out in the Fort Lauderdale area.

We also have logos here if you need something for any promotional materials.

You can always email is too!